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Rasha Younes is a feminist activist and a researcher with the LGBT Rights Program at Human Rights Watch, investigating abuses against LGBT people in the Middle East and North Africa region. 

Ahmed Awadalla is a writer, sex educator, psychosocial worker, and retired pharmacist. Their work has focused on the intersections between health, sexuality, gender, and forced migration in Egypt and Germany.

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz is a performance artist, activist, perpetual migrant and a self-proclaimed master of the margins from Palestine-Israel living in Berlin. Her film No Democracy Here (2018) was featured in 30 film festivals. Her recent performances Pussy (2018), When You Died, the City Died with You (2018) and Unidentified (2019) were featured in events as the 10th Berlin Biennale, ImpulsTanz, and Minor Cosmopolitan Weekend at HKW. Her debut album ‘Nothing to Declare’ is set for release later this year. She’s a co-founder of Germany’s first migrant sex worker-based Peer Project at Hydra e.V.


Amar Shabby is a non-binary queer teacher of Intersectional Politics, Sexual/Gender Identity, and the English language. They are also a human rights activist from Beirut to Berlin and a longtime Graffiti enthusiast.

Revolting Queers


More often that not, queer, trans, and feminist conversations are relegated to the background during times of revolt and upheaval, deemed as less essential. This panel explores the inevitable intersectionality of revolutionary movements as expressed through film, and attempts to paint a picture (cinematically and discursively) that foregrounds queerness as the epicenter of rebellion and resilience.