Sun / Oct 24 / 17:00 

Running Time: 87 minutes

XPOSED: Cruising Courageously

From fish to horse, breath to touch, words to silence: We are here to love and learn, and to ultimately question all binaries. These films explore what it means to be different and the same, what it means to come out and stay in the closet. Dancers search for forms of self, tentatively exploring the meanings of courage and cruising. Indeed, dance is a powerful tool of emancipation in this shorts program, as is the imagination of a truly postcolonial setting. How to reclaim our youth, our past, our present, our future? How to be united in the loving acceptance of difference?
The XPOSED Queer Film Festival, known for its strong taste in experimental shorts, shares five short films with the befriended Soura Film Festival and its audience.